Go to the Well: Finding Jesus in the Everyday

There are a few places in the world where I always distinctly feel God’s presence. Yes, I know that God is always with me but sometimes it is unmistakable and for me, those are the best moments. While I was growing up, there was a summer conference my youth group went to every year. It was great to be with hundreds of other kids my age who were so excited to learn more about God. Without a doubt, when I was at this conference, I could feel God moving and working in every moment. Going home was so difficult because I knew it wouldn’t be the same.

When I was in college, the chapel was my favorite building. The experiences I had there and the relationships I built were just filled with God’s presence. Every time I walked through the doors, I felt a huge relief knowing that I was in a safe and holy place. I still feel that way today when I go back to visit. For me, that building is so special.

I think it’s great to have these special places and memories but sometimes it also makes me sad because these places are not part of my normal life. I have to go quite a bit out of my way to revisit or recreate these memories. So I started wondering where I else I could regularly and tangibly experience God’s presence.

God meets us in prayer, Bible study, fellowship and worship but reading through the gospels, Jesus is intentional about meeting people in a very particular place: their everyday life.

Jesus in the everyday

Think about it: Jesus meets people in their homes, the marketplace or along the road they are traveling (just to name a few). My favorite instance is when Jesus met with an unsuspecting woman who was gathering water from a well. The story comes from John 4:1-42. The trip to the well was just an ordinary task and the woman clearly was not expecting to meet any kind of savior while drawing water.

The conversation they had was life changing for this woman. For the first time in her life, someone saw who she really was. Jesus saw all of the pain that she carried and he still cared for her. He spoke to her about what was going on in her heart.

When I read this story, I like to imagine myself in this woman’s shoes. What would Jesus call out in my life? What secrets would he know that I’ve been hiding from other people? How would he encourage me to make a change going forward? And mostly, what are my everyday moments that he would show up for?

We should absolutely spend time with God in prayer and worship but God wants more of our time than that. I believe God has both the ability and desire to meet us in our everyday places, even the places that seem dull and boring to us (like getting water from a well).

Previously, I wrote about how cleaning my house cleanses my soul and a part of that realization is that God meets me when I’m doing my normal day-to-day activities. We can talk to God about what’s going on in our hearts and minds. God might even use those everyday moments to call our attention to the sin in our lives.

Finding your well

I know it can be difficult to set aside specific and intentional time just to be with God. I would encourage you to keep trying, even to make it a priority to create that space in your life. Even if you have to “make an appointment” with God, don’t let anything get in the way of that time!

But while you are working on that and even after you have that time established in your routine, ask God to meet you in your everyday moments too. Remember that God is always present with you. God loves you enough to hang out with you even in the boring moments.

You don’t have to go someplace special to meet with Jesus. This was actually the message that Jesus was giving to the woman at the well that day. In John 4:24 Jesus says, “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” Psalm 139:7 gives similar encouragement: “Where can I go from your spirit? Or where can I flee from your presence?”

There is not an inch of space or a moment in time that God will be away from you. So where is your well? Where would like to meet with Jesus in your everyday?

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